Monday, 29 August 2011

Ear Buzzing - Sinus Infection - What Is It?

Ear buzzing from a sinus infection? Why does it happen and what can you do about it?

The ear buzzing (or ringing, as some people describe it) is a condition known as tinnitus. It is well implicated with sinus problems but also jaw problems and loss of hearing because it is related to the blood flow in the entire head region.

For most people with sinus problems, the buzzing will diminish and go away when they recover. But what if you have chronic, almost constant, sinus problems? This means that you would otherwise have these ear buzzing symptoms all the time, right?

Wrong, there is much you can do about it.

First, you should protect your hearing whenever it might be exposed. This means wearing ear plugs when going to concerts, motor racing or other big live events. Did you know that earplugs (so long as they are not cheap foam ones) will actually block out only unnecessary background noise and actually give you greater clarity of sound? Most people don't know that. If you protect your hearing like this then you will stop your tinnitus from getting worse.

The other thing that you can do is to try and modify your co-factors. This means looking at almost everything and anything that can cause or aggravate tinnitus. Things like what you eat, what you do, your environment and more. Yes, even the invisible waves coming out of your home router can cause your tinnitus to be worse than it needs to be and a simple change to cables may improve your well being.

Not all co-factors will be significant in all people. We all have a different genetic makeup and therefore a different reaction to each of them. But the only way you can find out is to try each one out for yourself.

You can also take some supplements. Tinnitus is highly related to stress but it is not recommended to take antidepressants. Instead, there are a few natural supplements out there that are natural "uppers". There are also other supplements you can check out too. Try looking up Co-Q10 and L-Theanine as many tinnitus sufferers find that these help them a great deal.

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